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BIC Canadian Immigration Consulting Ltd.


Whether its a big law firm or a small immigration consulting office it is very important that you ensure they are legally allowed to practice in this field.

There are currently over 7000 Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants all over the world.

College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants

What makes Beaudoin Immigration Consulting different?

The answer is simple: the highly valuable perspective of an actual former Canadian Immigration Officer who worked for the Federal Canadian Government for 15 years.
Furthermore, we stay on top of changes in the law and policies. Annie Beaudoin speaks at seminars and conferences, she teaches Immigration Law at universities, and writes and publishes Immigration Law articles. Finally, she is also part of a Tribunal and mentors many consultants new to the practice.

Why choose Canada ?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Annie beaudoinpic_edited.jpg

From your 1st contact with Ms. Beaudoin, you will immediately become aware of how knowledgeable, articulate and truly passionate she is about Canadian Immigration. Immigration is a business of human lives and of opportunities and it is more than a job for Ms. Beaudoin, it is her vocation.
Any good immigration lawyer or consultant strives to anticipate the decision or at least understand the decision making process of the Canadian Immigration Officers because if they can accomplish this they can expect more favorable decisions. 
Annie Beaudoin not only has been an immigration Officer but she was designated at the highest level of the hierarchy of Immigration Officers within the Ministry of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. She spent her career working in a Canadian Visa Office abroad making thousand of decisions on a wide range of immigration application like yours. Her decisions, as an immigration officer, can also be found in various court of appeal and help set judicial precedents that shape Canadian policies and set jurisprudence in Canadian immigration field.

Contract Review

High-level expertise in complex, highly complex and high profile cases are some of the areas of practice where we can offer a robust immigration advice that can make all the difference where others have failed.

Representing with Respect

Experienced Counsel that understands the client and what is at risk for them and their loved ones

Our solution is combining a fundamental understanding of the legal aspect of immigration while remaining dedicated and attentive to the personal aspect of our clients' challenging immigration journey, which is often disregarded by others immigration representatives.


From your 1st contact with Ms. Beaudoin, you will immediately become aware of how knowledgeable, articulate and truly passionate she is about Canadian Immigration. 

Representing With Respect

Our commitment to you.


We are committed to accessibility and transparency

Beaudoin Immigration Consulting was founded by Annie Beaudoin with an important and specific goal in mind. Making her unique & wide ranging knowledge of immigration accessible to anybody while remaining reasonably priced.  We are a different kind of Immigration consulting firm.

Unlike big law firms, when you sign a contract with BIC to represent you for immigration purposes, we guarantee that you will be able to speak with the owner, Ms. Beaudoin, directly and that your file will not be handled primarily by assistants. 

In addition, if we accept to take on your case, you will have a very clear and detailed contract highlighting the services we provide.

More importantly, we will remain transparent about how we intend to proceed with your specific case and the realistic processing times to be expected. 

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consulants (RCIC), Canadian immigration lawyers and US lawyers - Learn what we can do for you 

Offering You Specialized mentoring counseling catered to your specific needs

Assistance with complex cases for Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants - RCIC

In Negotiation

Do you need a criminal equivalency to the Canadian Criminal Code?

Police Car

Travel Industry Experts: do you require a quick consultation to ensure you are providing the correct information to a client?

Vacation Consulting

We offer a range of mentoring services to fit your need & budget to help grown your business or expand your areas of expertise

Business Growth

Criminal conviction(s) in the United States

US citizens, US green card holders, artists & professional athletes, talent agencies, Managers or US lawyers

Ms. Beaudoin is one of the rare experts in criminal inadmissibility deriving from US conviction(s). The unprecedented memorandum of understanding and sharing of information between the US and Canada is one of the reasons why Canadian Port of Entry Officers are stricter about US convictions. Annie Beaudoin has performed thousand of equivalencies from DWI to the highest levels of felonies. You can also trust her complete dedication to confidentiality as she has worked on hundreds of high profile clients from the film and music industry because of years as an Officer in Los Angeles, California.


Our guarantie


Ms. Beaudoin has already been a speaker at Canadian Immigration Seminars, Consulate Trainings, Canadian Immigration Information Sessions on various topics for a variety of reputable organizations and high level professional and public figures in Canada and abroad.

Even though a positive outcome can never be guaranteed, we will not accept to take on your case unless we feels reasonably confident that our expertise can make a difference. In addition, a well prepared case always has much higher instances of favorable outcome.

What we can guarantee is that we will remain transparent about the costs, the processing times and how we intends to proceed with your specific case.

Annie Beaudoin

Consultante réglementée en immigration canadienne (CRIC) – no de membre R533869

Always make sure you are hiring a consultant with a valid license from the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council

Assurez vous que votre consultant fait partie du Conseil de reglémentation des consultants en immigration du Canada

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