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Overall, the mission of BIC is to provide high-level expertise at reasonable prices to ensure that all clients can afford a robust representation.

1- the level of expertise required in your case

2- the level and layers of complexity in your case

3- the estimated time required to put together a strong and legally sound case supported by jurisprudence and binding court decision as needed.

The service fees will therefore reflect the following consideration in a fair manner:


Service fees & phone consultation fees for applicants

Unlike most immigration law firms, because we know that every case is different, and because not all cases fit in “one size fits all” fee, we are proud to offer several service options to our clients.

This is also in line with our mission of catering to diverse budgets and various needs of the clients.

For example, should you only wish to have our immigration expert take a general and final review of your application before submission to the Canadian Government;

Or perhaps you only need answers to 2 or 3 important questions to feel confident about submitting your file.


Whatever it is, we can work with you and provide a service and a service fee that is flexible & 

that reflects your specific needs.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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